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Getting Started...

Newborn Photography

Hi! I’m Chioma and welcome to my blog! This is my 1st blog post and the thought of writing it has scared the heck out of me since the idea of doing it at all came up. The pressure to come up with a catchy title, the right words and perfect tone is real y’all!

But then I realized I was overthinking it. It shouldn’t be that hard to talk about myself right? So here we go!

My journey as a #photographer started in 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria after I left my job in banking. I always had an interest in learning #photography but never actually thought about doing it as a career.

So one day, I called up a friend who was a professional wedding photographer and he took me under his wings and introduced me to this amazing world. I was so intrigued by the idea of creating such beautiful images that made people happy.

For the next 6 years I pretty much did all kinds of photography, including weddings, but I found I was happiest when I was photographing families, (especially children and babies).

In 2015, I started making moves to narrow my services down and specialize in this genre. I had this very wrong notion that newborn and baby photography would be the easiest job ever. After all, they’re babies right? They’re just going to sit there and smile right? Boy was I WRONG!

In 2016, my husband got a new career opportunity that meant we had to pack up and move to London. This would turn out be the opportunity of a lifetime for me as a photographer. As soon as we settled in, I did some research and found out about Russ Jackson, one of the best #Newborn Photographers in the UK and his studio happened to be about 1 mile away from me.

As luck would have it, he had a training workshop happening a couple of months from when i inquired and I signed up immediately. That workshop completely changed everything I knew about Newborn

Photography and my passion for it grew even more intense.

I learned everything, from baby safety to lighting and editing, and it was a lot different from what I had been doing. I felt like Jon Snow (Game of Thrones fan here!)

I also had the opportunity to learn from other amazing photographers including Bianca Hubble and Lauren Bennett. Even with 7 years of experience as a photographer under my belt, I haven’t stopped learning and working on my skills as a newborn photographer.

Baby Photography
I took this photo of my nephew in 2016! I thought newborn and baby photography was like the regular stuff LOL!

December 2017, we had to move again, this time, to the United States! So here I am, in Fremont California, with my little home studio all set up and ready for you and your family.

It has been an amazing learning experience for me and though my job is hard work, I love doing it with all my heart and it makes me so happy and proud to see how far I’ve come.

It also doesn’t hurt to have an amazing partner who is my biggest fan and supports me in every possible way :-). The joy expressed by the wonderful families I have had the pleasure and honor of photographing when I deliver their images is priceless and makes my heart swell! I hope that one day I’ll get the opportunity to create beautiful images with you and your family as well.


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